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February 19 - 22, 2019

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA


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At eTail, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular whitepapers and case studies.

Amazon's Strategy To Elevate eCommerce Deliveries

Despite offering next day - or in some cases, same day - delivery to its customers, Amazon thinks this just isn't quick enough

Levis Strauss & Co.'s AI Strategy: The Virtual Stylist

One of the most exciting developments from Levi's is how AI is being leveraged to create a fantastic ecommerce experience for its customers

The Home Depot's eCommerce Strategy For Omnichannel Personalization

Home Depot has created separate omnichannel experiences to target their two primary customer profiles

Here's How Is Delivering an Award Winning eCommerce Service has figured out how to retain more customers and cut down on abandoned cart rates - all while reducing unnecessary overheads

How Boon + Gable is Bringing the Personal Shopper into the Digital Age

Boon + Gable wants to combine the elements of online shopping, with the assistance and service of a personal shopper.

Target's New eCommerce Strategy Is Turning Cartwheels

Target hasn’t survived for this long by being afraid of innovation and has several programs running to make sure it is up to date with the latest trends in retail technology.

Walmart's Strategy To Beat Amazon Prime

Walmart has realized it holds a key advantage over Amazon which it can leverage to offer services the online kingpin simply cannot.

Here's How Kroger is Taking Uber Steps to Innovate Grocery Deliveries

With retail giants Amazon and Walmart both venturing into their market, Kroger needs to remain agile to compete.

Here's How IKEA and Apple are Teaming Up to Create the Showroom of the Future

How then, does a Swedish furniture and meatball retailer relate to an American technology giant from Silicon Valley?

How Chubbies is Finding eCommerce Success By Investing in a Nation

Chubbies philosophy doesn’t simply begin and end with quirky social media campaigns and hashtags, but permeates every single facet of how the business conducts itself online.

How Iconery Uses 3D Printing to Accelerate Fast Fashion Jewelry Trends to Market

Iconery applies 3D printing to reinvent an age-old industry and keep prices accessible.

How Zappos Wins at Customer Service Every Day

75% of Zappos purchases come from returning customers and customer service is the key.

Rue La La Wants to Acquire Customers with In-App Content Marketing

Rue La La’s new venture aims to capture even greater sales via their in-app mobile content strategy.

What's Behind B&H Photo's Incredible eCommerce Experience?

B&H Photo used personalization, integrations, and applications to grow eCommerce sales to over 50% of total revenue.

Hollar Drives Impulse Purchases with Online-Only Dollar Store

How Hollar brought the dollar store to the digital era.

How Sephora Integrates Retail & Online Marketing

Discover how Sephora uses their To Go mobile app to create a personalized user experience and drive sales.

Here's How Kohl's Makes Mobile Shopping Easier

Check out Kohl’s new online marketing tools and see how they make the shopping experience stress-free

10 Examples of Instagram Ads from Target, Michael Kors, and More Top Retailers

Learn the tricks to win your customer’s heart on Instagram.

JCPenney Has An Omnichannel Secret

The Omnichannel strategy that is helping JCpenney drive $1.2 billion in incremental sales in 2017

Best Practices For Optimizing Your Retail Chain For Local Search

Geo-based marketing is making a huge impact; here's how it can help your business

Differentiating Your Approach To Omnichannel

These tips will help your business stand out against fierce competition

How Walmart Is Leading The Omnichannel Charge

What you can learn from Walmart to win customers online.

Bonobos In-Store Guideshops

Why the future of eCommerce is offline .