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The 6-Step Guide to Consumer Engagement in the New Retail Economy

Personalization is central to modern retail strategy, but retailers’ efforts don’t always align with the expectations of consumers. As consumers nimbly transition between channels—emails, social media, mobile apps, and other media platforms— efforts to personalize these experiences risk falling flat. What’s more, “personalization” is taking on a whole new meaning as consumers look to brands to build emotional connections, communities, and social awareness in their communications. This guidebook evaluates the success of leading personalization efforts among consumers’ favorite retailers based on consumers’ personal experiences, based on a 2020 eTail consumer survey.

The Resilience of Retail: Navigating COVID-19 and Renewed Optimism for an Economic Rebound

The challenges ushered in by COVID-19 provided the industry an opportunity to accelerate the development and rollout of new technologies, and to adapt to trends already taking shape. This guide explores how retailers continue to accelerate transformative change and remain resilient in response to trends exacerbated by one of the most challenging years in recent memory as the industry pivots from crisis response to a strategic reset.

How Retail and eCommerce Brands Are Innovating for Success in a Global Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, retailers have witnessed a dramatic shift in consumer behavior. Adapting to this change has been one of the major challenges retailers have had to overcome in 2020. Some challenges they have faced include disruption to the supply chain and the economic hardship of government-imposed lockdowns, causing many well-loved brands across the globe to file for bankruptcy and countless people to lose their jobs.The report aims to gain a greater understanding of how the overarching marketing tactics and strategies are shaping results from upper-funnel brand awareness to lower-funnel performance and conversion metrics within their organizations.

Strengthening Brand Identity When Owning, Participating in, and Competing with eCommerce Marketplaces

As eCommerce retailers continue to adapt in the context of Amazon, owned eCommerce marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular. Retailers must determine whether to join an existing marketplace to expand their reach, adopt their own marketplace and onboard channel partners, or stick with traditional eCommerce and compete. In this report, we explore how retailers can both capitalize on growth and protect their brands in evolving marketplace environments.

Embracing Social Commerce: Strategies, Successes, and Future Investments Among Retailers

New social commerce strategies are supercharging how brands interact with their customers and sell using social media. In this new report, eTail uncovers what techniques and technologies will be key to success in 2020. Find out what the future holds for you; download your copy here!

Retail CX and Data Management Strategies in 2020

As retail organizations continue to adapt to omnichannel customers, they are prioritizing new and emerging data-driven technologies to build more contextualized customer experiences. eTail, Arm Treasure Data, and the WBR Insights research team conducted a retail industry survey to establish the strategic priorities of retail leaders for 2020 regarding the collection and management of customer data. We also looked at how that data will be leveraged to enhance customer experiences and help forge stronger customer relationships. This report hones in on those findings to uncover how retail leaders will leverage data in the New Year to build a better customer experience.

eCommerce Innovation Briefing - October 2019

In our latest eCommerce Innovation Briefing, we’re giving you an exclusive look at how major retailers such as Mattel, Rent the Runway, Fabletics, and more are preparing for 2020 and beyond.

Embracing the Journey to Discovery: The New Rules of Retail Search & Acquisition

In this 2020 report, we explore how retailers are adapting their search engine marketing (SEM) strategies to take advantage of Google’s changes. Within this broader examination, we highlight how retailers are using visual content, especially interactive content, to target users more effectively. We also note the growth of onsite strategies like incorporating newer technologies to offer enriched experiences for users.

Campaign Intelligence: How Retail Marketers Use Customer-Focused ID Management to Increase Satisfaction & Profitability

Advanced personalization and ID management technologies are enabling retailers to pinpoint who their best customers are, then tailor marketing opportunities for them in more innovative ways. Using ‘campaign intelligence,’ marketers can establish a cohesive customer identity across digital and physical environments. This report highlights this “offensive strategy of data” and how the resurfacing of customer-focused ID management helps retailers increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and profitability.

How New Tech is Creating Seamless Mobile Shopping Experiences!

Fresh for 2019, this new mobile report will show you what your peers are up to in the hot field of mobile commerce. 

How Sephora Integrates Physical Retail With Its Digital Marketing Strategy

Many organizations are adopting an omnichannel approach, but what makes Sephora’s strategy different from others in the retail cosmetics sector is the unique way that the retailer incorporates data into its omni-channel marketing components. Download the report today!

Whitepaper: Meet Jetblack

Walmart’s new AI-powered concierge shopping service, courting a new kind of customer and changing the way people shop.

2019 eCommerce Innovation Briefing

In our new eCommerce Innovation Briefing, we’re giving you an exclusive look at how major retailers such as Adidas, Chubbies, Nike, and Zappos are preparing for 2020 and beyond.

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