eTail West 2019

February 19-February 22, 2019

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA



From Blast Emails to a Scientific Segmented Strategy

Key highlights from this webianr session:

  • Businesses which implement segmented customer marketing see an increase in all key customer KPIs within weeks of deploying their strategy
  • Blast email campaigns leave money on the table and drive customers away
  • Customers have come to expect brands to communicate with them in a personalized, emotionally intelligent manner


  • Kristy Schoebel, Email Marketing Manager, Silver Star Brands
  • Brad Wilson, Digital Marketing Manager, Robbins Brothers
  • Yoav Susz, Director of Business Development, Optimove


How AI-Powered Consumer Messaging Can Help You Engage & Retain More Customers

As an e-commerce marketer, if you're struggling with one of the following, this webinar is a must-see. Key topics discussed include:

  • Decreasing marketing metrics that matter: acquisition, engagement, conversion, and retention
  • Too heavy a reliance on impersonal demographic segmentation methods to “understand” the audience
  • Campaigns that are differentiated enough from competitors’
  • Trying to figure out how to survive and stand out amid Amazon’s dominance


  • Sameer Patel, CEO of Kahuna
  • Rich Lesperance, CMO of
  • Brett Goldberg, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of TickPick
  • Ted Silverman, Director, Member Communications, from Rue La La

How to Target In-Market Shoppers and Double Your Engagement Rates

Tune in to see how V12 Data and BMW discussed:

  • Implementing omnichannel strategies to target in-market shoppers
  • Identifying consumers who have recently visited your store—or a competitor's location
  • Lessons learned on turning in-market shoppers into new customers


  • Anders Ekman, CEO of V12 Data
  • Michael Engler, Head of Strategy Premium Experience - Future Retail, BMW

Uncorking IWA Wine's Success Through Unified Data

View our latest webinar with Oracle NetSuite and IWA Wine Accessories to:

  • Understand what is a unified data platform is, and how it can benefit retailers
  • Realize how a unified data platform can lead to better customer experience
  • Know the impact data management has on running a more efficient retail organization
  • Learn how IWA switched to a unified cloud-based data platform


  • Ben Argov, President at IWA Wine Accessories
  • Chris Benner, Senior Industry Principal for Retail at Oracle NetSuite

6 Ways to Improve your Mobile Checkout Process and Convert Customers

By viewing this on-demand webinar, Baymard Institute and Moovweb will lay out:

  • Common errors that lead to high cart abandonment rates
  • Best practices for reducing friction and increasing conversions
  • Techniques for instilling trust and confidence among your e-commerce customers


  • Jamie Appleseed, Co-Founder of Baymard Institute
  • Haresh Kumar, Vice President of Marketing at Moovweb

Drive Revenue and Re-Engage Customers with Email

By viewing this on-demand webinar, Unique Vintage and Bronto Software will present:

  • How abandon cart messages can increase revenue and conversion rates
  • Practical planning guides for holiday marketing
  • How Unique Vintage leveraged different email marketing techniques to re-engage customers and drive revenue


  • Courtney Lear Wallace, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Director of Unique Vintage
  • Joe Stickney, Manager of Demand Generation at Bronto Software

Advocacy Marketing & the 5 Types of Referral

Join this webinar and build the perfect referral program for your brand. Key topics include:

  • What type of referral program is right for your brand
  • The importance of an advocate
  • How to recruit your advocate army
  • Real-world examples of different referral programs

Featured Speaker:

  • Jen Gray, Director of Marketing at Extole

From Research to Buy: Delivering Digital Product Content that Drives Sales

This expert webinar will outline the best practices ecommerce leaders should use to drive the most impactful product content to market, including:

  • Improving product descriptions
  • Leveraging customer reviews
  • Implementing efficient workflows


  • Vivian Shin, Brand Building & Market Development at Nutiva
  • Binsen J. Gonzalez, CMO of Singular Sound
  • Michelle Burtchell-Spector, VP of Marketing at Salsify

Bot Assaults and the Drag on Marketing

This webinar dives into:

  • How the battle against click fraud can be won, and what no longer works
  • How programmatic ad buys are compromised, and how to solve this challenge
  • Latest stealth bot that is grabbing affiliate revenue, riding on the coattails of real human transactions
  • The business impact to marketing across all types of bots
  • How to detect and protect your marketing programs and budgets


  • Jack Chiang, Former Affiliate Marketing Manager at Shutterfly
  • Ido Safruti, CTO of PerimeterX
  • Jamie Clarke, Co-Founder & CEO from Live Out There Inc.

Mastering a Seamless B2B/B2C Omni-Channel Experience

By viewing this on-demand webinar, Forrester Research and Enesco will lay out the:

  • Understand the B2B Commerce Landscape
  • Learn best practices that B2B merchants can implement in 20
  • Discover how easy it is for B2C merchants to implement a B2B commerce website
  • Learn the top priorities facing B2B merchants


  • Andy Hoar, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
  • Pan Schechtman, Vice President of eCommerce Incentives at Enesco
  • Scott Compton, Senior Commerce Strategist at MarketLive

How Walmart Manages And Optimizes Online Promotions

Key highlights include topics such as:

  • Get insights into how Amazon manages campaign performance
  • Learn how page speed affects user engagement and conversion metrics
  • Find out what causes the most common performance issues
  • Learn how leading retailers are running, monitoring, and optimizingtheir campaigns
  • Discover tools that go far beyond what Google Analytics can tell you


  • Tammy Everts, Senior Researcher & Editorial Director, SOASTA
  • Meredith Wollman, Manager, Customer Marketing,