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As Consumer Fraud Evolves, Online Retailers Struggle to Keep Up


Retailers can no longer look at the impact of fraud as simply ‘the cost of doing business.’ This special eTail research report from WBR Insights benchmarks retailers’ progress on optimizing fraud protection for a new decade in retail.

Aligning Your Brand Strategy with eCommerce Marketplaces

As ecommerance marketplace platforms becomes increasingly accessible, traditional online retailers are participating in marketplaces to expand their reach, or adopting marketplaces and onboarding third-party sellers themselves, at increasing rates.

Richline Group's Blockchain Strategy Adds Transparency in Luxury

Blockchain technology has been hitting the headlines for a few years now. As the technology which underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain offers an elegant method of carrying out transactions without the need for a central authority - such as a bank.

How MeUndies Strategy Uses Shock Value to Sell Underwear

The challenge of standing out online becomes even more difficult when your business sets itself up to sell just a single type of product - such as men's underwear. This means that brands operating in these kinds of spaces need to come up with unique ways of marketing themselves

Zappos is Relationship Building to Connect with Its Audience

As a massive supplier of running gear, Zappos has been looking for ways to recreate this local store feeling in the digital space. It's achieving this by creating an online hub where runners can purchase the latest equipment while also accessing advice and accessories and connecting with fellow running enthusiasts.

An Intro to Chubbies Millennial Social Media Strategy

Connecting with Millennials is a big priority for eCommerce marketing in 2019. As a fashion brand with Millennials as its target audience, Chubbies has been using memes alongside 80s cultural references grab their attention.

An Intro to Wish's Gamification & eCommerce Facebook Ad Strategy

One brand which has been making waves on Facebook, thanks to its often bizarre advertising, is ecommerce platform, Wish.

Nike Wants to Use Augmented Reality to Measure Your Shoe Size

AR tech is becoming more advanced every day, it can be used in a multitude of different ways in a variety of different industries. Nike has harnessed the power of AR and has now merged it into a feature on its app, thus bringing it into the business sector of online shopping.

How Adidas is Using Customized Landing Pages to Boost Ecommerce

As a major retailer of sporting goods, Adidas knows how important it is for its fitness and style-conscious audience to be able to find the equipment they need. That's why the brand has been driving its digital transformation with some ambitious new ideas.

How Fabletics Is Using AI to Build Better Digital Ads


Artificial intelligence is helping brands streamline processes across all their operations. From building better buyer personas and gaining clearer insights into their audiences to better ad targeting and more, AI is one of the most exciting technologies to emerge from the Industry 4.0 revolution.

How Mattel and Others Are Using Ecommerce to Deal with Store Closures

Mattel and Hasbro have created their own ecommerce platforms and are selling their products directly to consumers. This is a completely new endeavor for these brands which, were operating under a 100 percent B2B business model - but they believe they have the product lines and infrastructure to make it a success.

The New Rules of Retail Search and Acquisition

Google transformed the search landscape with new rules designed to provide the most relevant, highest quality information to searchers as quickly as possible. Google Discover, its content recommendation engine; now updates to how it parses images and videos, its new focus on evergreen content

ThirdLove's Loyalty Program Strategy That Boosts Retention & Referrals

Every company is a tech company. Why? Because our fast-paced digital-first world is forcefully transforming all businesses into technology businesses. Whether this is through using technologies such as automation to design and manufacture products or to help target and deliver those products to the right customers .

How Harry & David Creates An Emotional Connection with Consumers

According to recent Salesforce data, 67% of consumers and 74% of business buyers are willing to pay more if they can be provided a great experience. This is the strategy Harry & David is adopting with its goal of building emotional connections with its customers.

Rent The Runway's Email Strategy: Personalized Sustainability Reports

Sustainability is of growing concern for fashion shoppers - especially those in the millennial and Gen Z generations. It's giving rise to what's becoming a major trend in the fashion industry as younger consumers who crave new looks seek out more sustainable ways to shop - renting.

Jetblack Case Study: Walmart’s New AI-Powered Concierge Shopping Service

Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, launched Jetblack – a concierge shopping service that combines ecommerce with a personal shopper experience. Jetblack is the product of Walmart’s Store No. 8 tech incubator, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) and professional buyers to make shopping recommendations via text.

AI is for More Than Just CX: Optimizing Engagement, Strategy, and Product Development

In a recent study, WBR Insights and eTail surveyed enterprise and mid-market companies concerning their adoption and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 80% of respondents represent enterprise companies with over $500 million in annual revenue.

How The Home Depot is Bringing People Back to Stores with Omnichannel Innovations

Brick and mortar retailers have been facing something of an uphill battle recently. However, The Home Depot has come up with some great ideas which have helped earn it the title of fifth largest US retailer by ecommerce sales.

Wayfair Unveils "Mixed Reality" Commerce with Magic Leap One Headset

US ecommerce home goods retailer Wayfair has launched the world's first "mixed reality" shopping experience with the VR/AR headset Magic Leap One.

Apple Is Taking a Bite Out Of Ecommerce with Augmented Reality Technology

Many companies have been looking for ways to incorporate AR into their customer experience and marketing, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Apple is one of them. It has come out with its own developer's platform to allow third-party innovators to create exciting new applications for AR tech - ARKit.

eBay and The Guardian Are Giving Entrepreneurs a Leg Up in Ecommerce

Getting started in ecommerce can be a daunting prospect for any entrepreneur. However, a great deal of the heavy lifting can be avoided by opening a store on eBay. Not content with offering assistance to its business users, eBay is also teaming up with UK newspaper The Guardian to provide even more help to entrepreneurs.

PetSmart is Using AI and Machine Learning to Conquer Digital Fraud

PetSmart is aiming to combat fraudulent transactions by using AI and machine learning technology to identify fraudulent orders before they are shipped, a move it believes could save $12 million per year.

Ipsy Is Making Big Changes to Its Ecommerce Subscription Business

Ipsy is now offering a "Glam Bag" selection of five sample-sized cosmetic products for $10 per month. While the business has already seen much success, it's looking to make some changes to help it grow even further.

How Stitch Fix Uses Data Science and Machine Learning to Deliver Personalization at Scale

Delivering highly personalized clothing recommendations right to customers' front doors on a regular basis, online styling subscription service Stitch Fix eliminates the need for its subscribers to go out and shop - or even browse online - for clothing, and it's proving to be a big hit with millions of consumers.

Amazon Can Now Deliver Packages Directly to Your Car's Trunk

With its Amazon Key service, the ecommerce giant can already unlock the front door of Prime members' homes to deliver their packages. Now, Amazon wants access to their cars as well.

Kohl's Partners with POPSUGAR to Create Data-Driven Apparel Collection for Millennial Women

Launching in September, department store chain Kohl's and digital media and tech company POPSUGAR will start using data and analytics - generated by the 400 million strong POPSUGAR audience - to incorporate millennial customer intelligence into the innovative collection's curation and design.

How Walmart has Rebranded its Ecommerce Platform to be the Anti-Amazon

Walmart and Amazon have been at odds for some time now, with the former desperately searching for ways to break the latter's stranglehold on the ecommerce marketplace.

Coca-Cola Is Embracing the Ecommerce Revolution with Next-Gen Freestyle Dispenser

Offering greater choice through next-gen digital tools is right at the heart of Coca-Cola's latest upgrades to its Freestyle fountain dispensers - and by adding Bluetooth connectivity to the machines, desire has moved at least one click closer to the brand's Freestyle mobile app customers as well.

Amazon's Strategy To Elevate eCommerce Deliveries

Despite offering next day - or in some cases, same day - delivery to its customers, Amazon thinks this just isn't quick enough    

Levis Strauss & Co.'s AI Strategy: The Virtual Stylist

One of the most exciting developments from Levi's is how AI is being leveraged to create a fantastic ecommerce experience for its customers

The Home Depot's eCommerce Strategy For Omnichannel Personalization

Home Depot has created separate omnichannel experiences to target their two primary customer profiles

Here's How Is Delivering an Award Winning eCommerce Service has figured out how to retain more customers and cut down on abandoned cart rates - all while reducing unnecessary overheads

How Boon + Gable is Bringing the Personal Shopper into the Digital Age


Boon + Gable wants to combine the elements of online shopping, with the assistance and service of a personal shopper.

Target's New eCommerce Strategy Is Turning Cartwheels

Target hasn’t survived for this long by being afraid of innovation and has several programs running to make sure it is up to date with the latest trends in retail technology.

Walmart's Strategy To Beat Amazon Prime

Walmart has realized it holds a key advantage over Amazon which it can leverage to offer services the online kingpin simply cannot.

Here's How Kroger is Taking Uber Steps to Innovate Grocery Deliveries

With retail giants Amazon and Walmart both venturing into their market, Kroger needs to remain agile to compete.

Here's How IKEA and Apple are Teaming Up to Create the Showroom of the Future

How then, does a Swedish furniture and meatball retailer relate to an American technology giant from Silicon Valley?

How Chubbies is Finding eCommerce Success By Investing in a Nation

Chubbies philosophy doesn’t simply begin and end with quirky social media campaigns and hashtags, but permeates every single facet of how the business conducts itself online.

How Iconery Uses 3D Printing to Accelerate Fast Fashion Jewelry Trends to Market

Iconery applies 3D printing to reinvent an age-old industry and keep prices accessible.

How Zappos Wins at Customer Service Every Day

75% of Zappos purchases come from returning customers and customer service is the key.

Rue La La Wants to Acquire Customers with In-App Content Marketing

Rue La La’s new venture aims to capture even greater sales via their in-app mobile content strategy.

What's Behind B&H Photo's Incredible eCommerce Experience?

B&H Photo used personalization, integrations, and applications to grow eCommerce sales to over 50% of total revenue.

Hollar Drives Impulse Purchases with Online-Only Dollar Store

How Hollar brought the dollar store to the digital era.

How Sephora Integrates Retail & Online Marketing

Discover how Sephora uses their To Go mobile app to create a personalized user experience and drive sales.

Here's How Kohl's Makes Mobile Shopping Easier

Check out Kohl’s new online marketing tools and see how they make the shopping experience stress-free

10 Examples of Instagram Ads from Target, Michael Kors, and More Top Retailers

Learn the tricks to win your customer’s heart on Instagram.

JCPenney Has An Omnichannel Secret

The Omnichannel strategy that is helping JCpenney drive $1.2 billion in incremental sales in 2017

Best Practices For Optimizing Your Retail Chain For Local Search

Geo-based marketing is making a huge impact; here's how it can help your business

How Walmart Is Leading The Omnichannel Charge

What you can learn from Walmart to win customers online.

Bonobos In-Store Guideshops

Why the future of eCommerce is offline .