The New Rules of Retail Search and Acquisition


To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Google transformed the search landscape with new rules designed to provide the most relevant, highest quality information to searchers as quickly as possible. Google Discover, its content recommendation engine, was introduced in December 2016; now, recent updates to how it parses images and videos, its new focus on evergreen content (not just new content), and partially automated personalization akin to what we experience using YouTube, feel long overdue.

As a result, retailers must collaborate on new search initiatives and reconsider how they align content with their search and acquisition strategies. They must create new connections with customers by developing a more nuanced, customer-centric, and visually driven customer journey. And while they may not completely decouple traditional SEO practices from their acquisition strategies, “if [Google Discover] swallows even a relatively small portion of Google search, say 10%, no SEO strategy will be complete without a tactic for earning that kind of traffic—especially since it will allow businesses to reach potential customers who aren’t even searching for the relevant terms yet,” according to Search Engine Journal.

eTail is partnering with the WBR Insights research team to explore how retailers are responding to Google’s new search parameters and customers’ expectations with winning SEO initiatives.We’ll uncover broader acquisition opportunities for retailers in the contexts of their on-site investments and content strategies as well.

Q4 2019 Study: ‘Embracing the Journey of Discovery: The New Rules of Retail Search and Acquisition’

In our upcoming report, Embracing the Journey to Discovery: The New Rules of Retail Search and Acquisition, we’ll survey 100 retail professionals to uncover how retailers are transforming their acquisition strategies, creating true brand value, and measuring and iterating its success. We’ll see how techniques like increasing site speed, improving visual content, and standing out with creativity are facilitating their customers’ journey to discovery in a new era of online browsing. Using qualitative feedback, we’ll take a detailed look at how the ‘new rules’ are impacting future attitudes and strategies among retail marketers as well.


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"Embracing the Journey to Discovery: The New Rules of Retail Search & Acquisition"

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