10 Examples of Instagram Ads from Target, Michael Kors, and More Top Retailers

Does your brand use Instagram Ads to reach customers? If so, then you will want to make sure you are getting the most out of your Instagram Ads as possible. In this post, we'll show you 10 examples of retailers using Instagram Ads and what you can learn from them.

1. Go bright and bold.

Want your Instagram Ad to stand out to people scrolling through their news feed? Try to make your photo as bright and bold as possible like Joybird does with this lovely pink sofa!

2. Hit the pain points in the caption.

When people see pictures of meals like this, they instantly think that it looks yummy, but who has time to cook something like that. In this Instagram Ad from Blue Apron, the pain points of time spent shopping, money spent on takeout, and unhealthy meal choices are solved in just a few lines.

3. Use the eyes.

When you look at the models in this Lucky Brand Instagram Ad, your attention is first caught by the male looking at you. Then it is drawn to where the female is looking. In this case, the direction is towards the heart icon, but it could be used to draw your audience's attention to the call to action button instead.

4. Don't forget the call to action button.

With Instagram Ads, the main goal should be getting visitors to click from the ad to your website. Without it, Michael Kors' audience has to be motivated enough to click through to your username and then to your bio link. Not only is it not trackable in your Ad analytics, but it will likely lower your ad's conversion rate.

5. Encourage app downloads.

Maybe your potential customer isn't ready to make a purchase just yet. But if you can get them to download your app to their phone, like Adore Me encourages in this ad, then you have the chance to sell to them later simply by being on their home screen on a daily basis.

6. Get them on your email list.

Another way to ensure that your potential customers don't forget about you is to get them on your email list. Le Tote entices them with a great deal in their ad, then capture their email address when customers arrive on their website.

7. Get on board with themes and trends.

When the holidays rolled around and Legos were popular, Target capitalized by creating ads with a holiday-themed Lego scene. If your brand can capitalize on similar themes, be sure to do so to capture your audience's attention.

8. Create some mystery.

Know why the companies that ship themed box collections on a monthly basis are so popular? People are curious what they will get. It's like getting a present. Mash Grape turned their  Instagram Ad into something that made people curious so they will click through to learn more.

9. Point customers in the right direction.

What stands out more in this Instagram Ad than the t-shirt or the BustedTees name? The call to action pointing to the call to action. Use cues like these to ensure that people know they can click on the button to visit your website.

10. Use a mobile-friendly landing page.

When people view your ad on Instagram, they are on their mobile phone. There's also a good chance that they won't have a great Internet signal. Keep this in mind when linking your call to action button to your Instagram Ad as you don't want to lose your customer because your website takes forever to load, which unfortunately happened when we clicked through to this North Face ad.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of ways retailers can create great ads for Instagram. Be sure to learn from these examples as well as the ones you spot in your own Instagram feed for your brand.

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