eTail West 2018

February 26 - March 01, 2018

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA


[Whitepaper] The Changing Landscape of Omnichannel Retail Marketing

[Whitepaper] The Changing Landscape of Omnichannel Retail Marketing[Whitepaper] The Changing Landscape of Omnichannel Retail Marketing
Retail brands are tirelessly chasing after a new holy grail: smooth, effortless, and enjoyable shopping experiences across all channels. However, the pursuit of great omnichannel shopping experiences can be difficult, requiring significant investment in new technologies and a shift in strategic focus. Let’s face it; it’s extremely challenging to create consistently great capabilities across desktop sites, mobile sites and apps, social media, and a myriad of other channels.

So how are retail brands rising to this challenge? eTail’s latest whitepaper, created in conjunction with RetailMeNot, highlights how brands are reshaping their strategies and investing in new technologies to create the best possible omnichannel experiences.

The paper explores:
  • How mobile is gaining on existing technologies as a key commercial and marketing priority
  • How well brands are using data for personalization and predictive marketing
  • How far along brands are in the adoption of next generation digital capabilities, like programmatic marketing