eTail West 2018

February 26 - March 01, 2018

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA


The eTail West Director's Report 2017

The eTail West DirectorThe eTail West Director's Report 2017
Omni-channel shopping capabilities can make or break brick and mortar businesses. Smartphones are taking over desktop revenues: by the end of 2015, 40% of eCommerce transactions were done on multiple devices, and are expected to grow 70% by 2017. Retailers need to redesign their online buying experience to reflect the fact that the majority of users visit them via multiple devices. Campaigns must be activated on all devices and all properties fully tagged to leverage mobile and desktop. Frictionless shopping is key.

Even if a customer buys in-store, the web influences 38% of sales. Understanding a shopper’s prior online activity is vital for retailers. Marketing is shifting from device-focused to people-focused. In 2016, marketers will prioritize their spend to enable them to understand how marketingspend are moving across devices, platforms and publishers to consume information; as such organizations need to hone in on work/talent skills for marketing managers to understand data.

Executive Summary

Retail brands are constantly refining their commercial capabilities and marketing capabilities. 2016 has been no different, as retailers are shifting their marketing budgets and technology investments to build better strategies to connect with consumers across their increasingly non-linear paths to purchase. The goal is simple: to create a seamless, enjoyable shopping experience across the spectrum of digital and offline commercial channels.

Brands are pulling in revenue from more commercial channels than ever before, but there are still great opportunities to reinforce the connecting fibers between those channels. It is no longer sufficient to simply have a presence in these various channels. Rather, every channel must feel like an extension of the others, and critical capabilities like attribution analytics and cross-promotions must cover that entire spectrum.

Retail marketing is evolving right alongside omnichannel commerce; audience reach is expanding as the number of commercial channels grows, and campaigns are becoming more effective at engaging and converting. The digital age has brought consumers and brands closer than ever before, a fact that brands are embracing through campaigns that encourage direct interaction. Consumers are no longer an audience to be advertised to; they are participants to build relationships with. Today’s best campaigns are content-centered, highly personalized, and deeply measurable.

eTail’s sixth annual e-commerce outlook will assess some of the trends and technologies driving retail innovation. This paper evaluates the marketing tactics retailers are leveraging, and takes a look at how those tactics have impacted core KPIs. It will also take a close look at innovative initiatives like referral marketing and user-generated content. Finally, it will gauge how well retailers are keeping up with omnichannel commerce.