eTail Virtual Summit & Expo 2021

June 29 - July 01, 2021

Online (ET)

Hayley Raymond, Associate Director, Brand Marketing at HelloFresh
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Hayley Raymond

Associate Director, Brand Marketing

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Day Two – Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

3:50 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Developing An Emotional Connection With Value Driven Customers – Using An Authentic Brand “Voice”

As consumers experience your product, especially during a turbulent time like a global pandemic, what emotions are solicited and what stories will be told about your brand? Market competition demands that institutions strategically deliver consistent value to consumers and deliver experiences which will author authentic stories about your brand. These stories describe the relationship and trust they feel with your organization and will impact future buying decisions and long term loyalty. In this session, panelists will discuss how to drive the value equation and design experiences that promote authentic stories and brand loyalty and how you can accomplish this at scale and at cost. Panelists will also discuss: 

  • Analyzing your brand voice and what tactics are working to connect with customers during these unprecedented times 
  • Effectively communicating the mission of your brand to your customers and deciding what level of transparency you should use with them 
  • Moving away from transactions and towards meaningful long term engagement 
  • Deciding which moments are pivotal in transcending from product satisfaction to brand love 
  • Learning what consumers want brands to know about them—and what they want from you in return 
  • Finding out the best messaging/channels for authentic communication and what kind of language should be used