eTail Virtual Summit & Expo 2021

February 23 - 25, 2021


eTail Success Stories

We were created out of a tight knit community of eCommerce enthusiasts focused on making eCommerce and multi-channel retail work. Our history in eCommerce would never have happened without the support and feedback of our retailer and solution provider communities. Buildings memorable moments and stories are important to us. Take a look at some of the stories from our community.

Amazing Content

“The beauty of the separate subject tracks is that they allow you to get a more focused experience within your field, and meet people who actually do what you do”.

Excellent Customer Service

“The eTail team is highly dedicated and deeply invested in this event - and they're always finding ways to improve it”.

Fantastic Connections

“eTail has put me in connection with all the right people, who have helped me grow every business I’ve touched”.

Charis Marquez

Director, Site Merchandising / Vertical Experience
Sam's Club

Gary Smith

VP Global Marketing and Sales

Rose Hamilton

Pet360 Inc.

A Focus on Technology

“I was very impressed with the list of technology firms at eTail. The exhibit hall was my one-stop shop for all the technology systems we were looking to get upgraded at my previous firm.”

Disruptive Content

“I came away from the experience with a whole bunch of questions about my eCommerce operation.”

We've Become More Profitable

““eTail will change mindsets of your employees. It has changed the structure of our company. Simply put: attending eTail has made us more profitable as a business.””

Eileen Shulock

Former e-Commerce Vice President
Designer Boutique Store

Dominique Essig

VP of Product Management and Customer Experience

Guido Campello

CEO - Creative Director

Courtney Connell

Marketing Director