eTail Palm Springs 2021

February 22 - 25, 2021

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA

Cosabella Success Story


“It’s fair to say that attending eTail has changed the structure of our company… The event will change mindsets of your employees”

Guido Campello, CEO, Creative Director


“Simply put: attending eTail has made us more profitable as a business.”

Courtney Connell, Marketing Director

Attending eTail has helped us grow our business on every level. It has helped us become more profitable as a business.

Guido: You can’t even quantify how different our mindset would be if we weren’t attending eTail events.

Attending eTail has changed Cosabella on every level, in every facet of the organization. From the conversations we have, to the way we prep logistics, handle our negotiations, source our partnerships, build our content, and even how we’re merchandising our collection – not just in the short term, but for years to come.

Courtney: I couldn’t agree more. Attending eTail has definitely opened many doors for us. I use the event to have face time with vendors, which is vital to our business. Some of our best partnerships have been forged at eTail, including relationships with tech companies such as Sentient, Adgorithms, and Emarsys. These relationships have helped boost our email revenue by 60%, improved our testing capabilities through AI, produced a 336% return on ad spend and a 155% increase in revenue in Q4 of 2016. Simply put: we are more profitable as a business.

Guido: eTail has definitely changed the direction of our investment in technology. It’s changed our perception of whether we need to plan for the next three, or five years. It’s forced us to add a start-up component to the business that needs a 6, 18, and 24-month plan. It’s fair to say that attending eTail has changed the structure of our company.

Standing still means being left behind. eTail gives you the tactics for transformation; it’s like taking a mini MBA.

Guido: After three days of presentations, roundtables, workshops, meet-ups, your entire reality changes. It gives you fire. And raises some concerns. We can’t stay still. Change is inevitable. You have to keep moving. What is working well today won’t in the next two years.

You’ll hear personal experiences and stories from those starting out, and those that have been in this space for years. You’ll hear how they started, how they got there, what they would change next time, and their vision of the future – you’re benchmarking against the best of the best. The event will help change the mindsets of your employees.

I’m thinking differently now. Even my language has changed just by being immersed in this community. Every conversation you have at the show is important; you feel stretched, your mind is bending. It’s like you’re taking a mini MBA. Every time you attend, you will learn something new that impacts your business and personal growth.

Courtney: Guido’s vocabulary has definitely changed. It’s pretty awesome to watch that happen. We now attend eTail in large groups – to ensure we absorb as much information as possible from the varied sessions and tracks.

It’s a true community - You can speak to everyone, at all levels. You’ll be inspired and form lasting friendships.

Guido: What I love about eTail is one of the simplest things: a truly open and friendly community. Our industry can sometimes seem hierarchical. The interactive networking sessions at eTail break down silos to give you access to everyone. It allows you to speak to and understand one another’s points of view.

Courtney: eTail has a clear focus on interactivity and community. I’ve made many lasting friendships at the show. For example, I regularly have contact with Jeff Rawlings at Branded Online, whom I met at eTail. It’s nice to have fellow retailers you can bounce ideas off of.

The future of retail eCommerce will be about acronyms: AI, VR, and AR

Courtney: I see the next five years of eCommerce being dominated by artificial intelligence, influencers, and in-store technology.

Guido: I see VR and AR playing a huge part in the way we do business in the next five years. We’ve already had significant conversations about this as a business. Virtual reality will go from gaming to something retailers will need to implement – to find ways to build fully interactive content and experiences.

Thinking back to 2012 - in-store shopping was at a low. The financial crisis was in full effect. It was a different world. I look at us now; there has been a huge transformation in the way we operate. In 2022 we’ll be operating differently. The next big step for Cosabella is to lead with augmented and virtual reality. And we’ll talk about it at eTail. Watch this space.

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