eTail Palm Springs 2021

February 22 - 25, 2021

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA

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Whitepaper: Meet Jetblack

Walmart’s new AI-powered concierge shopping service, courting a new kind of customer and changing the way people shop.

How New Tech is Creating Seamless Mobile Shopping Experiences

Featuring the latest stats from our mobile eCommerce audience, this new report is one you don't want to miss! Download now for the latest industry stats and figures on tech adoption. 

Accelerating AI Adoption to Build Better Customer Interactions

As customers become more reliant on digital technology, retailers are becoming more sophisticated in how they personalize and contextualize experiences. In this 2019 eTail West report, we explore how retailers are redefining the customer experience with data-driven personalization as they step into this inevitable digital future.

eCommerce Innovation Briefing - December 2018

In our second briefing of 2018, we look at the latest strategies being implemented by companies like Apple, eBay, PetSmart, Home Depot and more!

eCommerce Innovation Briefing - October 2018

A glimpse into how major retailers are finding new paths forward and positioning themselves for success in 2019 and beyond

The State of Customer Acquisition

Retail marketers are under tremendous pressure to acquire new customers—usually at the mercy of frequent promotions and mass discounts that may devalue their brands. Now, 95% of marketers claim they would be interested in using or learning more about gated offers, with 78% of retailers claiming they would leverage gated offers to acquire customers today. This Consumer Markets report reveals the current state of customer acquisition and how marketers are confronting the challenges of a noisy marketplace.

Delivering on the Experiential Retail Opportunity: Intelligent Appointment Scheduling for Every Engagement

More than ever before, brands are turning to in-store experiences to underline the best things about their products and deliver truly memorable interactions to their customers. In this new report, learn how TimeTrade and NYX work together to deliver on world-class experiential retail strategy. 

The Business-Critical Impact of Experimentation

The Business-Critical Impact of Experimentation reveals how testing plays a critical role in revenue growth within the retail industry, identifying trends such as: contributions of 20% or more to commerce growthnoticeable benefits to early adopterstesting across all phases of the customer journey Click on the image to the left to download now!

Pathways to Loyalty and Post-Purchase Success

After customers complete a purchase, many retailers lose connection with their customers and control over the conversation. Retailers who want to improve retention and drive loyalty must engage customers in sophisticated ways post-purchase. According to our recent survey of 100 retailers, most claim ‘improving the post-purchase experience’ is a top priority. See how they are turning that belief into action to satisfy and retain their modern consumers.Click on the image to the left to download now!

The eTail West Director's Report 2017

Click the image at the left to download the report now! Omni-channel shopping capabilities can make or break brick and mortar businesses. Smartphones are taking over desktop revenues: by the end of 2015, 40% of eCommerce transactions were done on multiple devices, and are expected to grow 70% by 2017. Retailers need to redesign their online buying experience to reflect the fact that the majority of users visit them via multiple devices. Campaigns must be activated on all devices and all properties fully tagged to leverage mobile and desktop. Frictionless shopping is key.

Download The Current 2019 Attendee List

Who Will You Meet at eTail West?                           eTail is more than just senior marketers. Every decision maker tasked with driving a better customer experience and increasing their bottom line is here. Click to see the companies they represent. eTail is all about networking. From multiple receptions, breaks, and even video games - we're bringing people together with every chance we get.  

2017 eTail East eCommerce Innovation Briefing

In this brief report, we give a snapshot of how several small and large retailers are accepting omnichannel growing pains, prioritizing customer experience, and reaping the benefits. Click the banner to the left to download the paper now!

Unleashing the Power of Consumer Data in Retail

As the fundamentals of cross-channel retail continue to change, retailers are taking advantage of customer data to improve their strategies and bring growth opportunities back into focus. Unleashing the Power of Consumer Data in Retail provides six marketing strategies for acquiring new customers and improving customer experiences. You will discover how retailers:use data to achieve a better view of customersbuild audiences for better campaign targetingimplement smart loyalty strategies for modern consumers

eTail West 2017 eCommerce Innovation Briefing

In our reports and conferences, we pride ourselves on showing our audience a behind the scenes look at the most successful eCommerce and omnichannel retail initiatives.As a retail executive, it is more critical than ever to stay abreast on how new technologies and strategies are deployed to gain advantages in customer acquistion and retention. With the growth of Amazon taking place besides massive store closings announced by large retailers like Macy’s, Sears, and JC Penney, the risks and rewards of omnichannel innovation and eCommerce cannot be understated.In this brief report, we give a snapshot of how several small and large retailers are accepting omnichannel growing pains, prioritizing customer experience, and reaping the benefits.

Monetate | 2nd Annual Personalization Development Study

Businesses are reprioritizing personalization to meet consumer demands. Now, discover why more than 70% that exceeded revenue expectations in the last 12 months have personalization-specific financial incentives in place.Produced by Monetate, global leader in personalization software for consumer-facing brands, their 2nd Annual Personalization Development Study provides insights from 500 North American and UK-based senior marketers who share their challenges and successes with personalization across the retail, hospitality, and financial services sectors.

Improving Customer Engagement with Predictive and Cognitive Capabilities

Digital technologies now dominate the consumer sector. Analytics now play a critical role in identifying shortcomings and improving digital strategies as they evolve. But countless retailers are falling behind the development curve in adopting next-generation capabilities.Now, retailers must strive to understand consumer behavior, act upon those insights, and develop strategies that better their position in an ever-changing digital retail environment. This 2018 eTail Benchmark Report by WBR Insights discusses how retailers are adopting next-generation solutions to increase customer engagement and achieve long-term business value.

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