eTail West 2019

February 19 - 22, 2019

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA




We’re known in the industry for awesome experiences you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll come as an attendee, and leave as part of a community. Get a feel of the eTail experience from our audience feedback below.

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"eTail was a great experience with lots of relevant information, good content, and knowledgeable speakers. eTail offers an intimate platform for vendors and other attendees to get together for great depth discussions during private lunches and dinners."

Craig Handelsmann, CIO/eCommerce Director, Central Vacuum Stores, Inc.

"The eTail conference is always a superb event. The speakers are world class, and the content is relevant and actionable. If you’re building a strategy/roadmap for online, mobile or omni-channel this is a must-attend conference."

Brandon McGee, Director Global Mobile, Dell Inc.

"I found the eTail to be very beneficial and will definitely attend next year’s show. I found the show to be just the right size to have meaningful discussions with new partners, vendors and thought leaders. The educational sessions were very informative with several excellent speakers. eTail is a solid show that provided me with an opportunity for learning in a variety of disciplines and networking relationships I wouldn't have otherwise had."

TJ Gentle, President,

"I thoroughly enjoyed eTail! It exceeded my expectations and the speakers, panels, and vendors were fantastic. I hope my entire team is able to join for next year’s conference."

CarDala Carter, Digital Marketing Project Manager, Nestle Nespresso USA

"We have an interesting position of marketing our brand and products to consumers while supporting our retail partners. On every single day of eTail East, we received actionable take-aways that are relevant for our business goals and strategies. Fantastic job! We’ll be back again next year."

Susan Kerner, Retail Account Manager, Speakman Company

"It was my first eTail event, and I thought the crowd was great. I also liked the more intimate nature of this event versus your competitors."

TJ Gentle, Former CIO, Benchmark Brands

"I was blown away by the quality and candor of conversations at eTail this year. In a couple of short days, I had the chance to meet key thought-leaders in our industry and discuss key topics 1:1. The conference format made it easy for me to find people facing similar challenges and to have in depth conversations, giving me a very clear action list to make an immediate impact on our business. I especially enjoyed the Social Day, which was filled with insights from some of the best and most innovative in the industry, combined with thought-provoking conversations about the possibilities of everything from integrating social into the fabric of the shopping experience to integrating digital and social into the fabric of organizations. Bravo eTail team – once again, you’ve just raised the bar even higher on industry conferences! I’ve been attending eTail conferences for over 10 years and somehow you always manage to make it even better every year. Can’t wait for the next one!"

Rose Hamilton, EVP & CMO, Pet360

“[the agenda] It’s very impressive, and sort of a mini-education in all of the different facets of marketing which are considered cutting-edge.”

Jonathan Isernhagen, Director Marketing Analysis, Travelocity

eTail was a great experience with lots of relevant information, good content, and knowledgeable speakers. eTail offers an intimate platform for vendors and other attendees to get together for great depth discussions during private lunches and dinners.

Craig Handelsmann, CIO/eCommerce Director, Central Vacuum Stores, Inc.

Thanks for everything - I can't possibly tell you how impressed I was at the way you and your team planned and managed eTail West. The amount of communication, and tracking required to coordinate all the sessions, speakers, and vendors must have been enormous - and it really came off looking effortless.

Mike Woods, Director Mobile Websites,

“Etail is a great experience, with a healthy blend of keynotes and sessions, networking opportunities and social events, plus an exhibit hall full of vendors to consider for my marketing and technology initiiatives. I caught up with many old friends in the ecommerce industry, and met new ones.”

Tom Funk, Senior Marketing Manager, Digital & Direct, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

eTail West was a great experience for me. It was an opportunity to meet many other retailers and discuss on a peer level the problems and solutions we are facing. Also, the presentations were thought provoking and made me consider new initiatives for 2013.

David Sasson, President & CEO,

I wanted to reach out and firstly thank you for the opportunity to attend e-tail west last week. I have attended several of the larger conferences over the past few years and I have to say this is by far the best I’ve been to. The opportunities to network will my peers was truly invaluable.

Sarah Casey, eCommerce Manager, Philadelphia Eagles

As you know MailPix is my 7th startup and I just wanted to thank you again for a great show. It’s always tough building a business and by bringing all the important companies in the ecommerce space together under one roof you provide an invaluable asset. I attend several conferences, including IRCE, and eTail is still my favorite! I especially liked the presentation by DOMO and what they are doing to help our industry. We started several important relationships that I’m sure will be instrumental in our growth.

Fred H. Lerner, President & CEO, MailPix

Thanks for everything. We enjoyed the show and it was nice for the various members of my team to see all the current happenings in eCommerce.

Nathaniel Victor, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Sonic Electronix

We had a very productive trip to eTail. We found most of the presentations to be very helpful. It’s nice to know what is happening outside of our 4 walls.

Art Tschopp, Online Marketing Manager, Tilly’s

"I look forward to the Etail West Conference every year as a chance to network with my peers, stay up to date with emerging technologies, and share ideas and best practices with the best and brightest in online retail. Can’t wait for next year!"

Dave Haber, Sr. Director, Marketing Communications & Social Media,

“I spent more than 10 years as an industry analyst, attending multiple trade shows and conferences – and frankly – the value of this event is readily apparent.”

Karen Offerman, E-Commerce Business Analyst, Nutrisystem

"The eTail West 2012 event offered a great opportunity to meet with key executives and learn about the latest trends in eCommerce. Although very large events have their own advantages, this more intimate setting allowed for in-depth conversations and presentations. The conference was well organized and took place in a very accommodating venue. I will plan to attend another eTail event in the future."

Editor-in-Chief, Debbie Hauss, Retail TouchPoints

"This is one of the best ecommerce conferences available, both in terms of value as well as the networking and learning opportunities that come from its more manageable size and regional approach."

Donnamarie Mazzola, Brand Marketing Manager, Voice Systems Engineering, Inc.

"@eTail_Events I judge an event, based on the people I want to meet and those sitting next to me. eTail Palm Springs was a Great event."

Chris Brinkworth, Chief Marketing Officer, Tagman

"Etail Palm Springs was an excellent event and very well organized. I go to many conferences and it was well ran with a lot of vibe and energy. The audience was always engaged and the presentations were excellent."

Jodie Solomon, Director of Advertising Sales, Mobile Marketer

"It was another great show...thank you! In prior years I came as president & CEO of Ritz Interactive, Inc. a mature company, and found the show extremely important in helping build our business. This year I came as president and CEO of a startup company, MailPix, Inc., and continue to find the show critical in the building of my new business."

Fred H. Lerner, President & CEO,

"[We] are still talking about the conference and how much we learned. The show is definitely first class and well organized. We look forward to attending again."

David Jones, E-Commerce Direct Marketing Architect, The Little Tikes Company

“Attending the eTail West Conference is something I look forward to every year…This convention gives us a great chance to network with others in our industry and help to innovate and discover new options for e-commerce technology. Attending this conference is a terrific opportunity for us, it’s always exciting to meet others in this industry and get new ideas . Going to Palm Desert is part of our strategy to stay competitive and grow as a company.”

Jeff McRitchie, Vice President of Marketing,

"While we're an innovative B2B company focused on social and mobile commerce, we still rely on tried and true demand generation tactics. As part of our efforts we're always testing and learning, trying different ways to get access to and compel digital marketers at top retail brands to consider our offerings. We've tried many different tactics and sources of leads and WBR has consistently exceeded response goals and more importantly, the quality of leads have been outstanding. This year we committed to a package of activities with WBR including email, webinars, events and research. The WBR team working on our account has been professional, responsive, fun and have delivered above and beyond, I couldn't recommend them higher."

Marko Z Muellner, Sr. Director of Marketing, Marko Z Muellner

"The eTail Program addresses all the big challenges facing ecommerce companies in today's hyper-competitive retail environment - from business and marketing strategy to technology solutions. It's a great learning experience."

Arnold Sookram, Frmr. Director of Retention Marketing,

“This is my second Etail and I continue to be impressed with the topics for discussion as well as the cutting edge vendor options. Keep up the great work”

Jim Pasala, Account Executive, Performics

“Thanks for putting on such a great event. You guys did a great job of bringing it all together and it was a pleasure to work with you and the rest of the eTail crew, as always.”

Nathan Decker, Sr. Director E-Commerce, Evogear

“Just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to speak at eTail West. My team and I had a great show and made a lot of great connections.”

Nick Sheth, Director of Business Development, Gap Inc. Direct

"Great conference. Very relevant topics with the right mix of high level trends in ecommerce and tactical insights to drive the business. Perfect place to connect with industry leaders."

Miguel Almeida, VP Online Merchandising & Operations,

"The eTail team was great to work with and I walked away with several new insights.”

Richard Gerstein, Senior Vice President, Sears Holdings Corporation

“This was the third E-tail conference that I have attended, I have E-tail to be an excellent venue for assessing the state of the industry as well as the technological innovations and services that will shape the future of retail. I believe the performance of our website has been improved and enhanced as a result of the knowledge gained and the vendor partnerships established at E-tail. I can recommend E-tail to any organization looking to improve their people or their website. The key to success in today’s marketplace is knowledge and relationships, E-tail presents the opportunity to acquire both.”

Mark DeCausmeaker, Director Multi Channel Sales, REEDS Jewelers

“We attend etail every year for two reasons. First, to get a recap of last holiday and find out what worked for other etailers. Second, the timing is perfect for our business, as ideas gathered in February have enough time to become projects that generate revenue in holiday the same year.”

Tim McCue, Director of E-Commerce, JOCKEY.COM

“The Etail conference has been the best eCommerce show we have attended by far. The keynote presentations are timely and the breakout sessions are the right size and given mostly by marketers and Internet retail savvy executives. The conference is extremely well run and provides a lot valuable networking opportunities. Best of all we have been able to improve the quality of our eCommerce experience thanks to a numbers of new ideas and strategies that were inspired by the show! FYI, I just attended the Internet Retailer in Chicago. The show was okay but in my opinion did not compare favorably to Etail in terms of the quality of information. Keep up the good work.

Tim Littleton, President & CEO, CHEFS Catalog

“This show does a fantastic job at getting senior-level retailers together. It’s helpful to synch up on tactics and strategies retailers are using to stay ahead of the curve.”

Jason Kang, Vice President, Marketing, Zazzle Inc.

“It was one of the better e-commerce events, there were good informative sessions, there was a lot of time to interact with the vendors. It was spot on overall.”

Peter Clarkson, President and CEO, AC Lens

I highly recommend exhibiting at Etail conferences. We’ve exhibited at the Etail West and East shows since 2009, even in the earliest startup months. Etail shows are very intimate and you get a lot of personal time with the attendees, as opposed to the larger shows. The staff is very flexible and the attendees are more relaxed, making the show a lot of fun. From an exhibitor’s perspective, our goal is to get a positive ROI on our investment and the WBR team does a great job to help us hit this goal! I’d highly recommend working with the Etail team to help you market your solution or service to top online retailers. Other positives: you get fed, they give you a list of attendees, they hold events that allow you to network.

Ji Kim, Founder & CEO, DiJiPOP

The show was outstanding! Congratulations on a great show!

Fred H. Lerner, President & CEO, Ritz Interactive, Inc.

The event was so valuable and I made wonderful connections with other attendees.

Jami Dowling, Director of Sales, Smartsoft Mobile Solutions

Thanks again for all your help last week. It was a great event, so hats off to you and the event team!

Veronica Pasia, Global Marketing Manager – Web, Claire's Stores

Just wanted to say what a super event this year. Great Speakers and more attendees…You can’t ask for anything better than that

Howard Wyner, CMO,

Thanks for, once again, putting on a wonderfully run and very engaging eTail conference. As usual it was flawless. I heard lots of good feedback on the train to NYC. Great job!

Leisa Glispy, Former Director of Global eCommerce, Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton