eTail Virtual Summit & Expo 2021

February 23 - 25, 2021

Online (ET)

Matthew Seifert, Senior Director of Retention and Monetization at Pretty Litter

Matthew Seifert

Senior Director of Retention and Monetization
Pretty Litter

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Day One – Tuesday, February 23 2021

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

2:50 PM VIP Interactive Roundtable Discussions

1. Get Personal: Retention & Loyalty in a Post-pandemic World

Tom Logan, Co-Founder & CEO, Cohley; Nicola Ryan, Head of Acquisition,

Among the many changes seen in 2020 that are expected to continue in 2021, the shock to brand loyalty will be one of the most vital to address. Join Tom Logan, Co-Founder & CEO at Cohley, and Nicola Ryan, Head of Acquisition at, as they discuss ways to transform pandemic shoppers into loyal customers in a post-pandemic world. They’ll also dive into how personalizes content at scale to support their 1:1 marketing approach, and how user-generated content plays an integral role throughout the marketing funnel. 

2. How System Consolidation And Sales Tax Automation Helps Omnichannel Retailers Reduce Costs

Tim Roden, Solutions Principal, Sales Tax, Sovos

COVID-19 has transformed the value proposition of omnichannel shopping. According to Nielsen’s Global New Shopper Normal Study, 44% of global consumers said they were shopping online each week in May 2020. Prior to COVID-19, only 9% of global consumers were regularly shopping online - over a 35% increase resulting from the pandemic. We will discuss the sales tax implications of increased transactions through ecommerce channels, as well as the crucial role of system consolidation for a manageable omnichannel strategy.

3. Educated Consumers Spend More: How Product Protection Increases Willingness To Pay

Brandon Gell, CEO & Co-Founder, Clyde; Paul Adams, COO, Capitol Lighting

The eCommerce customer experience is more important than ever. Yet there is not an abundance of data-driven information available to the retail community regarding extended warranties, accident protection, and the effects these offerings have on a retailer’s most valuable asset: their customers. Join the roundtable to learn more about the positive effects of product protection on consumer confidence and willingness to pay.

4. Marketing In Crisis: Using TV To Pivot Messaging & Driving Fast Growth

Jeff Braverman, CEO,; Angela Voss, Chief Client Officer, Marketing Architects 

Television and other offline channels continue to earn the most trust from consumers. This solidifies TV as a preferred marketing channel—especially during a crisis. By combining smart planning with modern technology, marketers are debunking the myth that TV advertising is slow-moving and expensive. Join this open discussion to learn how brands are using TV to rapidly pivot messaging, build trust with their customers, and drive response. 

5. Looking Beyond The Buy Button- Why Marketing Needs To Own the Customer Journey

Stefan Nandzik, SVP of Brand Experience, Signifyd; Josh South, Director of Marketing and Technology, SuperATV

The customer journey is fluid and often involves multiple touch points before the product reaches a consumer's hands. Given the cost and effort that goes into acquiring customers, this session will make the case for why marketing needs look beyond the buy button and own the full customer journey to maximize lifetime value. We'll talk about conversion in payments, the impact of poor customer service on loyalty and how owning the end-to-end experience aligns accountability.

6.How to Keep Transactions Safe And The Shopping Experience Frictionless In 2021

Christopher Behnke, Growth Manager, Riskified; Marcos Cogtla, Growth Manager, Riskified

With more consumers shopping online than ever before, the fraud landscape is changing rapidly. From more advanced bot attacks to increased ‘friendly fraud’ claims from customers, today’s retailers are getting stretched thin. Too much fraud can tarnish your brand reputation but over-declining customers can sever lifetime loyalty. This session will explore trends and discuss strategies on the balance between eliminating risk with optimizing good customer approvals to maximize eCommerce revenue.

7. Integrating The Online And Offline Worlds To Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

Chris Dessi, VP Americas & Australias, Productsup; Kelly Dougherty, Senior Product Feed Strategist, Rakuten Advertising

While people value the speed and seamlessness of online shopping, they enjoy the interactivity and immersion offline experiences can offer. The post-COVID “touchless” world has given rise to new customer expectations and brands finding creative ways to integrate the two. Physical and digital stores are increasingly treated as extensions of each other. Join this discussion to learn how to seamlessly fuse online and offline, in 2021 and beyond.

8. How to adopt new business models / go-to-market strategies as the lines between B2B and B2C are increasingly blurred

Michael Wetzel, Director, Digital Marketing & Commerce Solutions, The Hershey Company; Noel Hedgecock, VP, Sales, CX, SAP

Fierce competition, volatile shopping behaviors, heightened consumer expectations and the aftermath of the pandemic are challenges faced by every consumer brand in 2021. As if these headwinds aren’t enough to overcome, the pandemic has brought about the advent of new business models that are needed in order for companies to survive. Consumer products companies and wholesalers are developing direct-to-consumer strategies. Retailers are bolstering their private label brands and looking for ways to shore up their supply chains. As a retailer or consumer products company, how do you decide when to compete, cooperate or reinvent yourself?

9. Partnerships: Improving The Omnichannel Shopper Experience Today

Lisa Riolo, VP, Strategic Partnerships & Co-Founder, Impact

Elevating your customer’s shopping experience both online and in-person begins earlier and ends later than ever before. We’ll discuss the many types of partners and opportunities available to retailers seeking to extend, deepen and digitize customer engagement. 

10. The Reinvention of Personalization

Richard Jones, CMO, Cheetah Digital; Patrick Tripp, SVP, Product Marketing, Cheetah Digital; Matthew Seifert, Senior Director of Retention and Monetization, Pretty Litter

Personalization as a strategy, personalization as a technology, and personalization as a market is ripe for reinvention. The next generation of personalization is here and it’s not about cookies or 3rd party data, and it's not about guesswork. Join Richard Jones, CMO at Cheetah Digital, to discuss the future of the customer journey and personalization.

In this session, we will be discussing:

  • How to leverage deep data insights, first and zero-party data, and machine learning to personalize the consumer experience across the journey
  • Ways in which you can provide a value exchange for consumers in the “moment” when you have them on your mobile app, on your site, in your store,that will generate trust and affinity with your brand.
  • How you can navigate the consumer’s concerns of privacy issues while still meeting your personalization goals with a data-driven approach.