eTail West 2019

February 19 - 22, 2019

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA


Bogdan Constantin

Generation Tux

12:10 PM Keynote: Designing For Delight - Incorporating Real-Time Customer Feedback Into Your Customer Funnel

We live in a world where 91% of customers that have a negative experience with your product/brand don’t ever tell you directly, they just negatively review you on the web and don’t ever come back. When you’re a DTC brand these negative interactions and points of friction along your customer journey can have a detrimental effect on your customer lifetime value. You need a process that proactively solicits and incorporates real-time feedback across your funnel to further inform and improve your acquisition and retention models before these friction points becoming critical and begin degrading your unit economics. Menguin optimizes for LTV and delighted customers (avg NPS of 72 last 18 months) by embracing the following mindsets: 
• 1-to-1 Interactions: Proactively create natural places in the funnel to query and solicit feedback from users that abandon cart or do not convert to understand why and how to overcome any barriers to purchase they may have
• Building For Long Term: Incorporating the customers likes/dislikes into acquisition marketing (Google/Facebook) as well as retention marketing (email/SMS/on-site chat) in an ROI positive way
• Right Customer, Right Carrot:  Pairing the right incentive structure for both customer service reps and leads, detractors, and promoters to maximize desired goals 
• Marginal Revenue = Marginal Cost: Providing customers with their desired level of interactions online and in-person to drive optimal path to purchase and repeat business on a cohort by cohort basis 

5:00 PM Panel Discussion: Turning Digital Interactions Into Personal, Memorable Experiences

How can you ensure that your customers have unique and tailored experiences on your site every visit? What can you do to truly differentiate and keep them coming back for more? Panelists will review:
• Digital messaging techniques that are unique with fresh content
• The tech that draws customers into immersive experiences
• Interacting with technology that makes digital marketing feel personal for the customer

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Bogdan.

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