eTail Virtual Summit & Expo 2021

June 29 - July 01, 2021

Online (ET)

Iterable Success Story

Why Iterable Chooses eTail

Iterable, a modern growth marketing platform, is a multi-time sponsor of eTail. They’ve sponsored our west coast event, our east coast event, and our very intimate and interactive Connect event for 1-to-1 meetings. Find out about Iterable’s experience and why they’ve chosen eTail – in every format and every location – to showcase their solution.

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eTail is the only event that connects you with the exact people you want to meet

"When we’re at eTail, we’re surrounded by our prospects – It’s the ultimate opportunity for exposure of our brand. The event provides us with a platform to interact, engage and really connect.

We come to eTail because we expect to meet senior-level retail and ecommerce professionals who are looking for new, cutting edge solutions to benefit their businesses.

Every person from every retailer is really what was promised, and that’s very different from a lot of other conferences."


The eTail experience is completely customized

"We’ve been sponsoring eTail since 2016. As our company has grown, our goals have changed.

We’ve gone into each eTail with a new plan. At some eTails we’ve exhibited, while at others we took to the stage to talk about industry hot topics and our product. Whatever role we decided to take on was totally customized to meet our needs and achieve our purpose for being there.

eTail gave us the opportunity to brand ourselves as thought leaders and a part of the community."


Proven returns on our investment

"Iterable measures success at an event by the number of opportunities that result from it. What we mean by opportunities is not just the promise of meeting, but a meeting that leads to a follow up call and a new business relationship.

We’ve had a lot of success at eTail with bringing in new business, but also with strengthening existing client relationships.

It’s great for us to be there, and we’re looking forward to this year’s event."


“Every person from every retailer is really what was promised, and that’s very different from a lot of other conferences.”

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Iterable, founded in 2013, is a modern growth marketing platform for marketers and mid-size enterprise B2C companies. It empowers growth marketers to create world-class user engagement campaigns throughout the marketing lifecycle, across all channels. Check out their platform here.

Thank you to David Rangel (COO, Iterable) and Christina Oh (Events Marketing Manager, Iterable) who graciously provided feedback and testimonial on our eTail events. With the help of customers like our friends at Iterable, we can continue to provide what we hope is the very best experience to our sponsors and exhibitors. If you're interested in sponsoring eTail, contact us here.