eTail West 2015

February 17 - 20, 2015

JW Marriott Palm Desert Resort & Spa, Palm Desert, California

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About Us

Launched in 1999, eTail is the premier online and multi-channel retail conference dedicated to supporting the growth of the retail industry by facilitating high-level networking opportunities and providing leading industry knowledge.

Every year, eTail brings together 2000+ senior-level eCommerce and marketing professionals from cross-industry, including but not limited to; Apparel, Accessories, Sporting Goods, Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Hard and Soft Goods, Home Furnishings, Books, Music, Luxury, Travel, Office Products, Department Stores and more to find solutions for their top challenges.

There are no commercials claiming to be “presentations” or boring Q&A sessions where only a few questions actually apply to you. eTail is about interactivity, focused networking, and sessions that offer tangible take-aways, as well as personalization technology solutions to fit your needs.

How do we do it? We have something for everyone. Need help with traffic referral programs? We have it. Need to turn inactives on your email list into actives. Done. Through multiple session types, including roundtable discussions, case study presentations and panels, you’ll have the chance to get the solutions you are looking for. And our speakers will host small group discussions so if you want to chat more in-depth at a later time, you can. Receive targeted, niche learning opportunities at eTail 2014.

eTail is your boutique conference experience because it is catered to you.

What Makes eTail Unique?

The Networking: eTail is focused on providing as many retailer meetings as possible- whether it be in intimate workshops with peers from a similar sized organization, or a meeting about the latest technology to identify whether it will work for their business. And every year, we add more and more opportunities for retailers to find each other at the show. And this is all in a vendor-free environment.

The quality of the content covered at our events is what sets eTail apart from our competitors. We are committed to conducting research and developing the program year round by speaking with our Retailer Advisory Board and digital media/retail executives from every vertical, to make sure the content covered at our conference reflect the latest trends and developments in the industry.

The Venue: eTail is always held at a top tier resort versus a convention center. At lunchtime, you won’t be shuttled off to S’barros with a coupon (or no coupon!). You’ll receive a full, three-course sit down meal. You are treated as a VIP every minute, as opposed to a passenger at JFK on Thanksgiving. And with our new locations that include significantly increased hotel room availabilityand easier travel, we make sure you are educated and pampered at our events.

Customer Service: Our staff onsite are knowledgeable about the event and the industry. They know what you need and where you can get it. That’s because the eTail staff is the event staff. We don’t hire temps and part timers to run the show, because the event is our business and delivering a great experience for you is imperative.

If you are interested in quality interactions, content that is specific to your business needs and networking with your peers, attending eTail is the best investment you can make. Guaranteed.

Our Promise To You

  • eTail is your boutique conference experience, focusing on quality above quantity.
  • We bring the retail community together through high-level, interactive content, intimate networking opportunities and outstanding customer service.
  • We are focused on multiple opportunities to build relationships and network. That means more intimate environments, meetings and sessions to bring attendees together who want to meet each other.
  • eTail is the place where senior executives want to go. We recruit decision makers to not only speak at our events, but attend them as well.

The Value of Attending eTail


eTail TradeShows Other E-Commerce and Multi-channel Industry Conferences
85% of the speaker faculty is a retailer  

4 Full Conference Days    
200+ retailer speakers  

120 speaking sessions    
Retailer advisory Board to direct the program content  

Year round research conducted to develop content for the conference  

Ability to set up one to one meetings with speakers and sponsors  
Retailer-Only Networking activities throughout the program  

C-Level specific content and networking workshops/lunches  

More granular, tactical content that is topical and relevant to attendees.      
Intimate environments, workshops, varied session formats, interactivity on an intimate scale, even with 2000+ attendees. Quality interactions between attendees.  

Facilitated networking between sponsors and attendees.  

The event is run by the eTail staff, instead of being outsourced  
Awards Program recognizing leading industry executives.  
1:1 (or better) ratio of retailers to solution providers  

We’re Global

We don’t just run eTail in the United States, but also globally. Check out our other events below.