eTail West 2018

February 26-March 01, 2018

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA


Erik Lautier

CMO & EVP, eCommerce

Erik is the EVP Ecommerce & Chief Marketing Officer at francesca’s, a women’s retailer with over 700 locations around the US and a rapidly growing digital business at His chief areas of responsibility include the ecommerce channel along with all company marketing and branding.


A former professional opera singer and actor, Erik parlayed a successful career in the performing arts into a web development venture serving the entertainment industry in 2000. Within a couple years, he was running day-to-day operations for a client and launching brands in direct response channels such as QVC. His career has since seen him take on roles of increasing responsibility at brands such as Edun (LVMH), Lacoste, bebe, and francesca’s, where he joined in 2015 as SVP, Direct to Consumer & Marketing. 


Erik holds a BA from Duke, a MM from the New England Conservatory of Music, and an MBA from INSEAD, where he was the recipient of the L’Oreal Scholarship for Creativity and Entrepreneurship. He currently lives in Houston with his wife and their two children.

2:00 PM A CMO’s Perspective: The Nowhere Of Middle: How Polarization In America Is Influencing Shopping

As we see our headlines and news feeds dominated by stories of the right versus the left, the 1% versus the 99%, and other contrasting positions, America feels increasingly defined by differences and extremes rather than commonalities and moderation. What impact does this cultural phenomenon have on our brand preferences and shopping behavior, and how can companies improve their odds of success in a rapidly changing environment? This session will explore topics including:
• Polarization and extremism in politics
• Social media algorithms, echo chambers, “fake news”, and their impact on polarity
• The struggle to get noticed in the face of a dwindling American attention span
• How successful brands are defining themselves in an extreme sense