eTail West 2018

February 26-March 01, 2018

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA


Main Day Three: Future Tech, AI, Mobile And Immersive Media

7:30 AM - 8:00 AM Networking Breakfast For All Attendees

8:00 AM - 8:15 AM Chairperson's Remarks

8:15 AM - 8:40 AM Keynote: Retail Innovation: Preparing For The Customer Of The Future

Scott Emmons, Head of Innovation Lab, Neiman Marcus
The future of eCommerce starts now. As commerce goes almost exclusively online over the next few years, Scott believes there will be three main ways that companies can distinguish themselves: price, customer service and interactive experience. Here you’ll learn how gaming in particular will assist in each of these areas by enhancing brand engagement and create a lasting memory. Scott will teach you how to create an engaging user experience & offer a good incentive, as well as allowing users to share socially & market gaming through all channels.


Scott Emmons

Head of Innovation Lab
Neiman Marcus

8:40 AM - 9:10 AM Keynote Disruption Panel Remix: Start-Ups: Started From The Bottom (Now They're Here)

Ariel Kaye, Founder & CEO, Parachute Home Shilpa Shah, Co-Founder, Cuyana Pradeep Elankumaran, CEO, Farmstead
Do you ever wonder how the very best pureplays got their big break? And how they pushed the envelope in order to thrive in a fiercely competitive eCommerce landscape? Join three startups as they look back on their past twelve months of hustle, and explain what they focused on first to make their concepts turn into reality:
• Emphasizing responsiveness to customer needs
• Taking a technology first approach to growth
• How to build your digital team from the ground up


Ariel Kaye

Founder & CEO
Parachute Home

Shilpa Shah


Pradeep Elankumaran


9:10 AM - 9:25 AM Salesforce Commerce Cloud Executive Presentation

Learn about the latest in the future of retail during this opening presentation.

9:25 AM - 9:50 AM Keynote: Machine Learning For Modern Advertisers (How To Stand On The Shoulders Of The Giants)

Laura Joukovski, SVP, Media & Analytics, TechStyle
We’ve heard all of the buzz words (machine learning, big data, AI…), and many of us are enthusiastically embracing the data revolution. It can be dizzying to know where to start, or how to drive actionable, let alone profitable, insights. The folks sitting on the biggest treasure troves of data are the same folks who are also the key media partners for modern advertisers. Who knows more about you than Facebook & Google? The good news for advertisers is that they have every incentive to help you find your audience. The good news for all of us as humans is that they also have every incentive to protect our privacy. The great news is that machine learning allows these seemingly opposing needs to be met, profitably for all involved. In this session we will explore how modern advertisers can make the most of their relationships with today’s media giants, and mix in their own first party data for-the-win.


Laura Joukovski

SVP, Media & Analytics

9:50 AM - 10:15 AM Keynote: Putting The Person In Personalized Words Of Beauty And CPG

Joanne Hsieh, COO, Walker & Company Brands, Inc. (makers of Bevel and FORM Beauty)
Walker & Company Brands, Inc. is disrupting a multi-billion dollar category by building the world’s most consumer-centric health and beauty products company, inspiring unprecedented consumer loyalty. By harnessing data, discover how Joanne and team is putting the person back in personalized product.


Joanne Hsieh

Walker & Company Brands, Inc. (makers of Bevel and FORM Beauty)

10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Morning Refreshment Break - Grab A Cup Of Joe

Grab a cup of artisanal coffee and rev up through the end of the event!

10:45 AM - 11:05 AM Keynote Fireside Chat: How Walmart is Playing to Win in E-Commerce

Jordan Sweetnam, VP, Global Product, Walmart eCommerce, Walmart
Things are really exciting at Walmart right now. With a relentless focus on delivering for its customers, the retailer has introduced new ways for its shoppers to save both time and money. A key part of this includes leveraging its physical footprint to keep a competitive advantage. This interview-style session offers a peek inside of Walmart’s omnichannel strategy:
• How Walmart is leveraging its digital and physical assets
• How the company reinvented its customer value proposition by introducing programs like Free Two-Day Shipping, Easy Reorder and more


Jordan Sweetnam

VP, Global Product, Walmart eCommerce

11:05 AM - 11:30 AM CIO/CTO Keynote Panel Discussion: Agents For Automation And Change Within Your Organization

Kristina Allebach, CIO, REEDS Jewelers Carlos Moreno, CTO, The Bouqs Mike Frazzini, CTO, eBags Inc
The CTOs and CIOs of top retail are getting more attention than ever, as siphoning through technology to be lean, systematic, and strategic, to avoid the “duct tape” method to be seamless is imperative. The leaders on this panel discuss:

• With retailers moving so fast and do more with less, at one point is less not enough?
o Examining your internal team and ensuring immediate decisions can be made to avoid analysis paralysis
• Prioritization: weighing opinions and needs of the company before jumping on a new, hot tech…which tech is right for your company?
• How to outsource tech, delegate, or group tech together? What will move the needle?
o Building immersive environments that have cloud, AI, and ML capabilities
• Reality Versus Virtual Reality: opinions on how VR can work in verticals. How does it track back to converting sales?


Kristina Allebach

REEDS Jewelers

Carlos Moreno

The Bouqs

Mike Frazzini

eBags Inc

11:30 AM - 11:55 AM Keynote: Architecting A Brand Through Merchandising Excellence

Grant Barth, Chief Merchandising Officer, Levi Strauss & Co.
Global brands have never been more important to today’s consumer. They are trusted while being held to a higher standard of excellence than much of the smaller, niche competition. One unifying theme to their success is the strong focus on merchandising in all its definitions.

Building a strong foundation based on merchandising fundamentals has never mattered more in a time of relentless change and innovation. We require a blueprint to drive clarity of concept, brand and product strategy to deliver on the ultimate consumer experience. This blueprint is similar to how an architect builds to last the test of time. Brands are no different. In order to evolve constantly it is essential to understand the critical components for long term success.

At Levi’s & Nike, Grant used these fundamentals to build and revitalize businesses in markets across the globe by. Learn as he shares best in class case studies and simple steps to implement a foundation in merchandising principles will be the goal of this keynote session:

•Building a world class team and attract the best talent in the industry
•Focusing on strategy first. Taking the time to build slow in order to accelerate for the long term
•Creating desire through key items that will drive a profitable core for the business
•Exciting the customer through the theater of the experience. Ensuring all you do is in service to this most critical brand touch point


Grant Barth

Chief Merchandising Officer
Levi Strauss & Co.

11:55 AM - 12:20 PM Keynote Fireside Chat: A Glimpse Into Data-Driven Merchandising

Lisa Bougie, GM, Stitch Fix Women
Hear how Stitch Fix uses their customer data to drive personalized style. With the company integrating social media outlets such as Pinterest, be inspired by Lisa and team’s tactics for a custom approach to buying and selling.


Lisa Bougie

Stitch Fix Women

12:20 PM - 1:05 PM Immersive Retail Technology Roundtables

Get ready to hear about the most cutting edge tech that you need to implement to really make your brand stand out! Join a table to learn about which immersive tech will be a difference maker.

1:05 PM - 2:05 PM Lunch & Networking For All Attendees

Track A: Collaboration And Social Innovation

2:05 PM - 2:30 PM A CMO’s Perspective: The Nowhere Of Middle: How Polarization In America Is Influencing Shopping

Erik Lautier, CMO & EVP, eCommerce, Francesca's
As we see our headlines and news feeds dominated by stories of the right versus the left, the 1% versus the 99%, and other contrasting positions, America feels increasingly defined by differences and extremes rather than commonalities and moderation. What impact does this cultural phenomenon have on our brand preferences and shopping behavior, and how can companies improve their odds of success in a rapidly changing environment? This session will explore topics including:
• Polarization and extremism in politics
• Social media algorithms, echo chambers, “fake news”, and their impact on polarity
• The struggle to get noticed in the face of a dwindling American attention span
• How successful brands are defining themselves in an extreme sense


Erik Lautier

CMO & EVP, eCommerce
When it comes to building out your AI goals, how do you separate your hopes and dreams from the tough realities of implementing it? Based on their recent experiences, our panelists explain how they are developing a cohesive AI strategy for data sharing to achieve specific business goals. In this eye opening session, you’ll learn the importance of:
• Centralizing data and hiring data scientists to assess qualitative growth
• Breaking down silos to bridge the gap between marketing and IT
• Data dashboards: showcasing metrics to communicate business value to the company


Kedar Deshpande

Sr. Director, Marketing & Product Management
The Zappos Family of Companies

Diane Loviglio

CEO & Co-Founder
Boon + Gable

Anya Geimanson

VP, Product Management

Track A: Collaboration And Social Innovation

3:00 PM - 3:20 PM Retailer Case Study

Track B: The Next Gen Of Customer Interaction

2:05 PM - 2:30 PM Prediction Panel: Forecasting The Future Of Retail

Caroline Culbertson, eCommerce Manager, Betabrand


Caroline Culbertson

eCommerce Manager

Track B: The Next Gen Of Customer Interaction

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM Retailer Round Up Session

Angela Caltagirone, EVP, Digital and CRM / Transformation, Belardi Wong


Angela Caltagirone

EVP, Digital and CRM / Transformation
Belardi Wong

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM California Tasting Experience For All Attendees

Cheers! It’s the end of eTail and there is nothing better than celebrating your new memories and business opportunities than sitting with a multiple glasses of California’s best wines overlooking Palm Desert. In addition, we’ll raffle off a prize-winning bottle of vino!

4:00 PM - 4:00 PM Conclusion Of Day Three